I am including herein a series of thoroughbred oil paintings I painted in New Zealand and a carbon dust drawing of Sir Tristram, NZ, third leading sire in the world, 1980's.

                         All of the New Zealand paintings are for sale or for auction.

Cherryl Pape


               Sir Tristram, NZ

Third leading sire in the world 1980's

          Carbon dust drawing

                    24" x 26"

                           Our Flight, NZ

                   Horse of the Year 1982

                                25 x 28"

Delightful Lady, NZ (Trotter) 1982

(Sweetheart of New Zealand)

                     24 x 27"

                             McGinty, NZ  

                   Horse of the Year 1981

                                22 x 26"           

           Drum, NZ

  Horse of the Year 1981

              23 x 29"

               Hauberk, Australia 1981

                         19 x 22.5"

This painting will be donated to the Triton's

Annual Gala Auction (theme Kentucky Derby) April 29, 2017