Newsie Girl

            Shown at the Pacific Art League's popular

            'Figures and Faces' exhibit, August 2015

                              Graphite on Paper

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Graphite drawing won an Honorable Mention in the in The Figures and Faces Exhibit, May 2016 at the Pacific Art League.  

This portrait of James won an Honorable Mention at the Triton Museum of Art's 2014 Statewide Competition and Exhibition.  It was my first graphite drawing on paper.


apanese street vendor, Tokyo

Graphite Drawings on Commission

When I draw a subject, I work from photographs, which in most cases I prefer to take myself.  It is important, if possible, that I meet the subject and even, during the course of the project, have them pose for a short time to perfect certain features and to get to know them.  This will allow their essence to come forth, although it will appear even if I do not meet them.

Cherryl Pape


Nia Black Belt Instructor Dancing

Graphite drawing of Nancy Hoebelheinrich juried into Triton Museum's 2016 Statewide

Competition and Exhibition.