Cherryl Pape


                                            ARTIST'S STATEMENT

I make my art because I was born with a gift that was nurtured.  Given painting lessons at the

Legion of Honor in San Francisco, a city that provided opportunity, art schools, museums and much

more, I grew into maturity fortunate to live in a cultural environment.

Art inspires me.  It is in my genes.  It is a devotion, because it matters.

My art has signified and represented many things that I've cared about over the years of my long

life; my love of our environment, of domesticated and wild animals, illustrating children's readers about

endangered species and causes that concern me.  More than three years ago, I put away my paints

and began to draw graphite portraits of people, something I never dreamed would inspire me.  Now

I draw people, those that are commissioned and people admired or loved... people with a story.

I suppose what has been unique about my art is that drawing was the medium of choice. I love

graphite on paper.  Color put aside, I think about light and shadow, contrast that brings

drama, and the feeling of the subject's essence coming to life.

However, since I thrive on change, I am working once again with pastels depicting symbolism

in portraiture and landscape, although graphite on paper remains a favorite.     

I believe in perfecting, not perfection, acting and feeling in accordance with what my soul demands of

me.  I draw and paint the very best that I can. I continue to learn from artists and people who critique

my work, some from the best artists, who totally amaze me with their spot-on critiques.

I am the happiest when I draw, paint, or do photography that suspends me in the moment, whilst listening to music in my studio, yet another obsession.